How are we doing


We enable direct access to the application We create an individual environment for each client.


The service may be available at specific times and hours or 24 hours a day. archiving We provide archiving on separate servers. GPRD, RODO

We provide support in meeting the requirements of the GDPR. Data safety We give no details to anyone without your authorization. All connections are encrypted.


We allow you to share your applications online with your employees or contractors, if you have such a request.

The service requires technical and licensing details.

We support entrepreneurs starting operations:

* we will help in the registration of the company - choosing the name, scope of activity, logos, we create an email address with a mailbox on a professional server (not some free of advertising),

* we will provide software for invoicing,

* if you want to supply a computer or other equipment,

* we will help you choose the scope and type of your insurance and your family members,

* our time is at your disposal, There are many companies that, starting with our support, are successful without losing time to correct wrong initial decisions.