Warning RODO - GDPR

A false auditor

The Inspector General for Personal Data Protection warns:

"Beware of offers and extortions related to the GDP, GIODO warns that they should use the offers of entities offering assistance in preparing for the GDPR."

The closer to May 25, 2018, the date of application general regulation on data protection (GDPR -RODO), the more often companies and institutions are directed to use various services preparing them for compliance with the GDPR, some of which are constructed in a way that may mislead recipients.

For, on the other hand, it tries to give the impression that, for example, participation in training or buying documentation or conducting an audit will guarantee that the entity that benefited with such an offer, it operates in a manner consistent with the GDPR and is not threatened with any sanctions from the side The Inspector General for Personal Data Protection (GIODO) therefore warns that when deciding to provide services or assistance to an external entity and when selecting the offer, be very cautious."

Our comment:

Recently, the pressure of various strange entities has increased, which supposedly became high-class specialists and encourage them to use their offers.

Often, unaware Directors, CEOs or business owners incite expenditures allegedly required by new regulations. In fact, they have one goal to make the entire structures of business entities dependent on them. The RODO regulations are published here https://giodo.gov.pl/pl/file/10574.

and are available on the portal Data protection in the EU
. You can download the most important documents in any language of your choice:


Everyone can become familiar with them. Even in many solutions they are less restrictive than previously introduced in Poland.

A lot of solutions depend on the capabilities of a given entity. What the previous regulation did not take into account at all. The provisions of the GDPR are more flexible at many points. Thus, the Personal Data Administrator can appoint a Data Protection Officer and together with the entire company staff can adjust their security policy to the company's needs, placing special emphasis on protecting those values ​​that are most important for the company and spending on security adequate to threats that may occur and the financial capability of the entity .

You can get more information by contacting our Data Protection Officer. https://biuro.city/en/contents_privacy_policy/#contact_cdo

You will receive reliable support from the auditor British Standards Institutions.